Join the revolution in agricultural robotics.


TerraSentia opens dramatic new possibilities in crop breeding, agricultural product development, product testing, crop research, and field scouting by improving the speed, accuracy, and cost of in-field data collection and real-time analytics.

Join a select group of Early Adopters in the 2018 field season to measure key traits that drive your business.

For the 2018 Early Adopter program, we are making only 30 TerraSentia robots available for a deeply discounted price of $4,999.



TerraSentia can carry a variety of sensors to collect data on traits including plant health, physiology, stress response and others.

Currently, it autonomously measures high-value under-canopy markers including stand-count, stem width, and stem angle using visual cameras. 

We are now teaching TerraSentia to measure early vigor, plant height, corn ear height, leaf area index, biomass, and to detect and identify diseases.



We've developed a cloud-based platform that will let you easily teach the robot to automatically measure a variety of key traits.

In 2018, we will work with you to develop the analytics that enable TerraSentia to accurately detect and quantify the traits that drive your business.

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We look forward to working with you in the TerraSentia 2018  Early Adopter Program