“EarthSense has produced a small robot for surveying trial plots to determine the phenotype characteristics of new crop varieties.“ - November 2018


“Using this little guy to monitor thousands of acres of biofuel crops (or any other crops) could help farmers make more targeted decisions about how to manage irrigation or invasive species defense.“ - March 2018


"As part of a phased introduction process, several major seed companies, large U.S. universities, and overseas partners are field testing 20 of the TerraSentia robots this spring through an early adopter program." - March 1, 2018

"[TerraSentia] opens dramatic new possibilities in crop breeding, agricultural product development, product testing, crop research and field scouting by improving the speed, accuracy and cost of in-field data collection and real-time analytics. … We’re planning to bring the robot rapidly to production ag as a tool for field scouting" - January 10, 2018

"An agricultural robot that monitors crops under the plant-canopy level could facilitate crop scouting and help farmers to keep plant diseases or insect infestations from spreading. The robot – called TerraSentia – was developed at the University of Illinois and recently was featured at the Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis." - October 1, 2017


"Currently, the robot can autonomously count plants and measure stem width to help estimate biomass for corn, sorghum, and soybeans. Work is underway to teach it to measure stem, angle plant height, corn ear height, leaf area index, early vigor, and biomass, and to identify diseases." - September 20, 2017

"Developed at the University of Illinois, with support from the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), the robot will cost early adopters $4,999 – a fraction of the cost of hiring laborers to measure germination, conduct stand counts, and other monotonous jobs." - September 12, 2017

"Chowdhary and his fellow developer, Chinmay Soman, co-founder of EarthSense, an agrobiology engineering company, shared their vision of the robot’s benefits and commercialization philosophy along with nuts-and-bolts details." - August 30, 2017

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