TerraSentia Early Adopter Program

Updated Diagram Isometric.jpg
Updated Diagram Isometric.jpg

TerraSentia Early Adopter Program

4,999.00 20,000.00

Join a select group of early adopters in 2018.

You will get

  1. a TerraSentia robot with three RGB cameras,
  2. a tablet with our controller app,
  3. free access to the innovative cloud-based software for teaching the robot to detect and measure new traits
  4. free cloud-based data storage, visualization, and analytics.
  5. 100 hours of intensive one-on-one consulting to help you get the most out of this revolutionary new platform.
  6. hardware and software integration for specialty sensors such as multi-spectral or hyper spectral cameras or other sensors of interest to you.

To enable RTK-GPS based autonomous navigation, you can use your existing RTK receiver or purchase one.

Please contact us at hello@earthsense.co before you order to figure out if the early-adopter program is right for you.

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