"What will tomorrow’s ag workers and farmers look like?"

Today’s shortage of agronomists means scouting occurs sporadically, with perhaps only 2-5 percent of the field scouted, Soman notes. “When you miss the early stage of a disease, it can be difficult for the crop to recover.”

To fill the shortage, TerraSentia will roll through entire fields underneath the crop canopy taking videos for computer analysis to determine recommendations for fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.


EarthSense Unveils TerraSentia 2019


EarthSense co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Girish Chowdhary unveiled the 2019 TerraSentia at the Phenome conference today to strong interest from our 2018 Early Adopter Partners as well as new partners from industry and academia.

The EarthSense team has redesigned TerraSentia over the past year to improve durability and reliability while also enhancing functionality for high-throughput field phenotyping for crop breeding.

Invited to the TERRA Accelerator

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EarthSense is excited to partner with major Food and Agriculture industry leaders through the Rabo Bank led TERRA Accelerator -

TERRA, the leading Food and Agriculture Accelerator, is kicking off its third cohort next week, bringing onboard 17 of the most innovative startups from around the world to work alongside industry giants. TERRA founding partners RocketSpace, a Silicon Valley-based external innovation consulting company, and Rabobank, the leading provider of financial services in the food, agribusiness, and beverage industry, are joined by a group of the world’s most influential companies: AgroFresh, Beta San Miguel, GrainCorp, Griffith Foods, Grupo Azucarero Mexico/CULTIBA, Nestlé USA, OSI and Tate & Lyle. Read more from Globe Newswire here.

TERRA Accelerator